erasmuscomputerMany pastors nowadays use computer programs to help them study God’s Word. These programs, while often pricey (not all are), can be very useful. You can compile an excellent library in a very portable format in a hurry with one of these. I use one myself (Logos, for those who are interested.)

But these programs have drawbacks, too.

Logos — or Accordance or whatever you use — can give you meanings of words (or a start at understanding meanings, more accurately — meaning has a large contextual component), it can tell you how many times a word appears, and all sorts of trivia about it that may or may not be useful.

But it can’t make you an exegete.

The computer program can’t apply your heart, brain, and guts to a text, and let that text apply itself to you however and as much as the Holy Spirits wills. Only a man of God can do that. Logos does not have the fear of the Lord — we do. It does not have the capacity for reverence that removes its shoes before the burning bush, or kneels before the manger, or stands at the foot of the cross.

But we do.

So use that reverence, that fear of the Lord. Bow before His holy Word and then open it — and let it work His will in you. That’s how you make an exegete.