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Ruth and Boaz can help provide practical guidance for married couples. Boaz sees to Ruth’s need for security. He warns his workers repeatedly not to harass her, he extends her unusual & welcome kindness and care, and he feeds her and lets her continue to glean in his fields through two different harvests. Ruth doesn’t have to wonder, “Does he love me?” — she knows.

He also provides security for her family by stepping up as redeemer — he does what he should. He comes through and proves himself reliable. This invites Ruth’s love, her trust, and her willing submission in the Lord.

Ruth respects Boaz, to the point of falling on her face before his kindness. She doesn’t overstep her bounds, argue, or push. Even in the middle of the night, she doesn’t play on Boaz’s emotions or manipulate him — she makes it clear that she will love and serve him when she asks to be covered with his garment. She displays an appealing modesty and a godly attitude that’s very becoming throughout. She puts her family (even the parts of it that are by marriage) ahead of herself and doesn’t act only in her own self-interest. Boaz still knows what she wants, but she doesn’t browbeat him, nag him, or guilt him into it.

Husbands can learn much from the ways Boaz cares for Ruth with his words and actions. Everything he says and does for her or to her tells her: You are precious and valuable. All married men can ponder different ways they can meet their wives’ need to be cared for — and in a variety of areas, as Boaz does.

Wives can take Ruth’s example and ponder how to show that kind of humble, godly submission in their own lives. Ruth shows how such an attitude blesses not only the wife, but the husband and tthose around as well. It can strengthen relationships and engender peace and harmony that spreads outwards like ripples and waves in a pond. If husband and wife both pick up on their respective models in the book of Ruth, their marriage will be a lot stronger and a lot more loving.