Lord Jesus Christ, by your grace we are heirs of your eternal Word and trustees of the  inspired Scriptures, through which you proclaim your saving truth to every generation. By the Scriptures you overthrew the darkness of those who perverted your teachings and restored to your church the message of salvation by faith alone.

For your Holy Scriptures, O Lord, to you alone be glory.

As we celebrate the Reformation that restored your pure gospel to your Church, we also celebrate our common confession of the pure gospel in Word and Sacraments.

For this unity of faith, we give you thanks, O Lord.

We remember the faithful confessors of this and former generations, who have passed down to us your Word of truth, who have suffered for the sake of your name.

For these faithful servants, we give you thanks, O Lord.

Now, Lord, move us to confess your name boldly in our day. Help us to proclaim your great salvation to all who have not yet come to know your saving name. Make us faithful with the Scriptures you have given us, so that many more will come to the obedience of faith in your only Son.

For such loving boldness and courage, we make our request, O Lord.

Move us to help support the worldwide work of missions. Lead us to pray for those who carry your saving Word to places we ourselves are unable to go. Bring many of your other sheep into your sheepfold through their testimony, Good Shepherd. Gather your elect out of the nations of the earth.

For such selfless support and concern for the lost, we petition you, O Lord. Grant our prayer, for Jesus’ sake.