The other day I heard something really cool during catechism class: one of the students appealed to Psalm 95 to support the teaching that God created the world — “His hands formed the dry land.” It was in a quick back and forth discussion, and she cited that passage almost without having to think of the words. It rolled right off her tongue, because we sing Psalm 95 as part of Morning Praise (Matins) twice a month. The way you pray and worship really does influence — more nearly, dictate — what you believe. Your faith is formed and shaped by the way you pray, and it derives its content from the way you worship. Perhaps more accurately stated, the way you worship delivers the content of your faith or forms your faith. That’s why the liturgy is so important — it assists us in staying on track in our faith. Without it we’d more easily go astray. With it, we are helped.

The sea is His, for He made it; and His hands formed the dry land.