I’ve run across this word in a few older hymns — not as a verb, but as an adjective in participle form. “Night comes with all its darkling fears/Regard Thy people’s prayers and tears” especially is the one that springs to mind. That’s from the hymn Lucis Creator optime (O blest Creator of the light, 6th cent. — from the Brotherhood Prayer Book, where else?) I like those older hymns because they have such a wonderful focus on our relationship with God that a lot of newer songs just don’t get.

At any rate, if you run across this word, now you know what it means. You might have been able to guess but now you can be sure. May Jesus enlighten the eyes of your heart.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


with Anu Garg


verb tr.,
: To make or become dark, indistinct, or gloomy.
Back-formation from darkling (in the dark), from
Middle English derkeling. Earliest documented use: 1819.
“The silhouettes of builders and road-construction equipment darkled against the
Dovletmurad Orazkuliev; New Roads in Country; Neitralnii Turkmenistan;
Jul 6, 2010.