Today is the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels. On such a day, it’s good to ponder exactly what or how much angels know that we don’t about God’s plan of salvation – and what Scripture says might surprise you.

Scripture tells us that the angels long to know more about the workings of God’s plan of salvation, and they find it out — through us! Through the preaching of the gospel in Christ’s church the holy angels learn about what God did for His fallen world, the times and means that He appointed and decided to use. How amazing, that we should be the messengers appointed to reveal the deep things of God to such exalted and powerful beings! (i pe1.12; eph 3.10)

The glory of the new covenant is revealed by the preaching of the gospel of Jesus by human messengers (ii cor 3.6,4; 4.1-7), whereas the former covenant was put into effect through the agency of angels (gal 3.19). They were an active part of conveying the first covenant to mankind at Sinai, and for the second covenant, the new covenant, they stood aside (to a ceratin degree) as God became man and the church was given the revelation of the gospel, which now extends to all nations and makes those of the Gentiles who share the faith of Abraham a part of the holy people of God — not only a physical nation, as Israel according to the flesh was the chosen people before (eph 3).

The angels still serve as messengers of God. They still praise Him and serve and protect God’s people — and they wait for that great day when the whole Christian church, Christians and angels, all the saints and the heavenly host, will worship together at the new Mount Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem (heb 12.22-24). Come, Lord Jesus! Amen.