He first saith Himself, “I am not come to send peace on earth.” 227 How then did He enjoin them to pronounce peace on entering into each house? And again, how did the angels say, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace”?1464 And how came all the prophets too to publish it for good tidings? Because this more than anything is peace, when the diseased is cut off, when the mutinous is removed. For thus it is possible for Heaven to be united to earth. Since the physician too in this way preserves the rest of the body, when he amputates the incurable part; and the general, when he has brought to a separation them that were agreed in mischief. Thus it came to pass also in the case of that famous tower; for their evil peace1465was ended by their good discord, and peace made thereby. Thus Paul also divided them that were conspiring against him.1466 And in Naboth’s case that agreement was at the same time more grievous than any war.1467 For concord is not in every case a good thing, since even robbers agree together. — St. John Chrysostom, Homily XXXV, on Matt 10.34