The Bohemian Inn, a well-known and beloved B&B in New Ulm (half an hour away from us), burned to the ground very early this morning. Four people, among them Bobbi McCrea (one of the proprietors) and her two daughters, perished in the fire. You can read about it here.

Update: Now six people are believed dead. You can read more here.   The other three victims have been identified. Read more here. Bobbi McCrea’s obituary is here. More news here.

Christi and I were especially stunned and saddened to hear about the fire. We stayed at the Bohemian after our wedding. Bobbi was a very kind and welcoming person. She was the kind of person that made you feel like an old friend even when you had just met her that day. She will be missed by many. We’ll be having a prayer in church tomorrow for those who are affected by this tragedy, along with our President and leaders (for Independence Day), those affected by the recent MN government shutdown and the severe weather that passed through the other night. Lots of people to pray for.

Here’s what the Bohemian looked like in happier days:

Here’s how it looked at the end:

May God’s mercy and comfort be upon all who are left behind to deal with this horrific event.