Christians often act like they’re afraid that the world’s opinion that they’re fools will in some way come true — that to be considered a fool for Christ is actually to be a fool. It’s not. The opinions of the world don’t matter; what matters is God’s eternal judgment, whether it’s the verdict of “not guilty” pronounced over those who trust in Christ, or the verdict of “Depart!” for those who never trusted Him. We can let everything else go, if only we hold on to the favor of God that comes to us through trusting in His Son’s sacrifice.
…In 1 Cor 4.10 it is essential to recognize the rhetorical exaggeration. Paul is not stating that he and his colleagues actually act unwisely or foolishly, and so it may be necessary in some languages to translate ‘we are fools for Christ’s sake’ as ‘we are regarded as fools for Christ’s sake’ or ‘it might seem that we are fools in order to serve Christ.’
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