Two things stand out here: 1) Luther’s stubbornness in standing on the Word of God, and his willingness to let everybody else go if only he could keep the Word. That’s a praiseworthy attitude. 2) History shows that Luther was proved right. The sacramentarians (those who don’t believe the testimony of God’s Word about the power & nature of the sacraments or the Word, namely the Reformed and Calvinists) started splintering and fracturing even in his lifetime, and they are still doing so to this very day. A chilling quote, and a call to arms to know and live in God’s Word — for all, not just for ministers.

Well, I will suffer all kinds of reviling from them [heretics who attacked Luther], but not one fingerbreadth will I depart from the mouth of Him who says, “Listen to Him.” I foresee that, if God does not give us faithful ministers, the devil will tear our church apart through the sectarians and he will never cease until he has accomplished it. In a word, that is simply what he has in mind. If he cannot do it through the pope and the emperor, he will accomplish it through those who are still in accord with us in doctrine.

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