Luther vividly pictures for us the back-and-forth we experience under the devil’s attacks and temptations. The Word is everything and if we allow that to be torn from our grasp, we are lost. Cling to the Word!

“But thereby [by outward, physical training of the body vs. sin] the devil is not yet vanquished; more than the outward training of the body against sin is needed. The real sword is this, that you are strong and firm in the faith. If with your heart you take hold of the Word of God and cling to it in faith, the devil cannot win, but must flee. If you can say: ‘This my God hath said; on this I take my stand,’ you will see that he slinks away, and with him will depart the sluggishness, the evil desires, anger, miserliness, melancholy, and doubt. But the devil is sly; he will not have you put your trust in the Word and reaches out to wrest it out of your hand; if he can make you lazy, so that your body becomes unfit and filled with knavish desires, he will soon wrest the sword out of your hand. He thus had his way with Eve; she had God’s Word, and if she had clung to it, she would not have fallen. But when the devil saw that she held the Word so loosely, he tore it out of her heart, so that she let go of it; and thus he had won. (2 Cor. 11:3; Gen. 3:4, 13.) Thus St. Peter has sufficiently instructed us how we are to fight the devil. Running to and fro will not do, nor any work that you might perform; what is needed is that you cling to the Word by faith. When he comes and would drive you into despondency because of your sin, just take hold of the Word of God which promises forgiveness of sins and take that to heart, then he will soon have to leave off.” (St. L. IX:1108, on 1 Pet. 5:9; emphasis added.)

quoted in Pieper, F. (1999, c1950, c1951, c1953). Christian Dogmatics (electronic ed.) (0). St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House.