This came across my Pandora Gregorian chant station the other day (nerd alert!), and since I’ve heard it a few times in recent days and I love it, I wanted to share it with the wider world. I had to hunt around a bit, but I think I found the same version that Pandora played for me. It’s the Cambridge Singers.

We sang this when I was in choir in college, and I loved it then. It was a deeply moving experience to hear our Lord’s words set to such a beautiful and stately melody. The best part about choir for me, many times, was rehearsals — you got to sing the same great songs over and over (hopefully they were great, or at least you didn’t mind singing them that much.) It’s very comforting and encouraging to me to read in Revelation of the saints singing in heaven. They get to sing for all eternity, and so will we who are united with them through faith in Christ. It may even be something like this song. Time stopped for me whenever we sang it. It took its place, along with a handful of others like O Magnum Mysterium, in a special place in my heart. Thanks to then-Prof. Jodi Rowe for choosing it for us and introducing me to it, and to Thomas Tallis for penning such a beautiful setting for this jewel.

Turn it up and rattle the windows.