This quote is so interesting because it seems that Luther is observing some sort of order in his thoughts: Abraham has the Word as the head of the family, and then he ministers to his wife, in a sense, by comforting her with the Word, with God’s promises.

This provides some illumination or insight for me to help me understand my role as husband and father. The husband is to be head of the wife as Christ is the head of His church, and Christ certainly still teaches His church through His Word and the ministers He provides.

What do you think?

Here’s Luther:

Abraham went through a trial concerning his servant Eliezer, and no one was able to relieve him of that trial except God through His Word. Here Sarah goes through a trial, and the Lord comforts her through her husband. Therefore the Lord is at hand to oversee and direct marriages and households. He shows that He takes delight in that game, so to speak, of human relations.

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