Ran across an excellent article the other day. You can read it here.

Don’t be put off by the title. It’s a very perceptive, reflective piece. The author is right on in that the Church, if she is true to her confession, has exactly what we need in the face of death: Christ, descended from David, born of Mary, begotten before all worlds, the incarnate Savior of all. The conqueror over death. That’s the only thing that makes death bearable, knowing that Christ has His foot on death’s neck. The article also points out why modern generic Protestant megachurchism is no help in the face of death: it has different priorities than giving maximum comfort to sinners and maximum glory to Christ. It is seeking to entertain, to be “real”, “relevant”, and “relational”, but it’s not equipped to handle the ultimate reality — the cold abyss of death — because it has surrendered the deep truths of the faith for empty promises and gaudy baubles. It grew impatient with the one thing that does give comfort and strength in the face of death — indeed, the only thing that delivers from death — and so it is ill-equipped to deal with death once it encounters it.

God grant us the grace to hang on to the one thing needful, for the sake of our own souls.