Pr. Larry Peters over at Pastoral Meanderings had a great post the other day. Read it here.

Probably the sentence that hit me the hardest (although the whole thing got me on every level) was this:

“I want a Lutheranism which knows who we are (not just how things were when we grew up).”

That’s exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. If all you know is how things were when you grew up, the church is only one generation old. We’ve got more than that running in our veins as true-blooded Lutherans. The Lutheran Church is in reality the Christian church that believes the truth as it has through history, confessing that truth with the lips, lives, and sometimes the blood of her children; worshipped the way Christ has commanded us and the apostles preserved for us; preserved and passed on God’s truth inviolate to future generations yet unborn, so that they may know the Lord their God as well. That’s who we are. When you turn your back on the Lutheran church you’re starting to wander away from that precious heritage, and eventually if you keep it up, the Christian faith itself. Read the Confessions. They’ll tell you that we didn’t come up with this, it’s God’s truth and we do not adulterate it in any way. We believe and do what God’s church has always believed and done, because Christ has made us His own and we bear the fruit of lips that confess His name. Being Lutheran doesn’t get you to heaven; confessing the wretched depravity of your soul and Christ as your only Savior and Help (which is what all true Lutherans do) does save you. Am I saying that only Lutherans get to heaven? Of course not, but we have the purest confession of the truth in all Christendom. We have the same confession that Christ Himself taught and the apostles passed down to us. If we don’t know what we have, we’re going to lose it, but if we do know it, believe it, and fight for it, we will inherit eternal life.