My wife was featured as the guest columnist on a blog this week! There’s a blog called Cloth Diaper Addiction, and somehow (I think the person found her on Etsy, the site where Christi sells her crafts & baby things she makes), they asked her to be the featured mommy for Monday Mommies! Neat! You can read the article here. Isn’t my wife an engaging writer? She really knows her stuff — writing, diapering, and mothering, all around!

Cloth diapers really are addicting. Christi trawls the Internets looking for deals. Can’t get too much of a good thing, I guess…If you’d asked me a year or a year and a half ago if we’d be a household that used only cloth diapers, I would have squinted at you like you were nuts. But we do, and they’re great. Adah hasn’t worn a disposable in months, as Christi testifies in the article. Her little bum is so much happier, and it’s not that much more gross when it’s time to change her. (Poop is poop, after all.) We’re using cloth wipes now, too. As the one who takes out the trash at our house, I can tell you that we generate far less trash — much, much less. We’re not tree huggers by any means, but it’s better for the baby and it saves unnecessary trash in the landfill. Sounds like good reasons to me. Plus, it’s considerably cheaper than buying disposable diapers. (Have you priced diapers lately? If not, take my word for it.)

Every so often we look at each other and ask, “When did we become such crunchy, hippie, far-out weirdos?” But when you look at all sides with an open mind, you find that the usual way of doing things is not automatically the best. (I’ve found much the same thing with genuine, authentic Lutheran belief and practice, by the way. You look like a weirdo, but you don’t care because it’s way, way better than anything else.) Who says you have to do what everybody else does?

Go read the article! And look at her Etsy store while you’re at it: Sweetie Baby Designs by Christi on Etsy. If nothing else, you’ll see pictures of our adorable baby. Thanks & have a good night!