Theo Albrecht, the secretive co-founder of Germany’s worldwide discount supermarket chain Aldi, a co-owner of Trader Joe’s in the United States and one of Europe’s richest men, has died at age 88. His is an intriguing story, not least because there are so few details.

Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s are two of the favorite stores in our house. We don’t have either one near us in anything like a convenient driving distance (closest is an Aldi’s an hour away, in Kato), but when you consider all the fresh vegetables and other goodies we are blessed with on an almost-daily basis, we’re still doing far better. Food isn’t too expensive around here at all. Trader Joe’s has neat stuff, but I don’t really miss it where we live now because we have so much else going for us — fresh air, quiet & safe life, knowing we’re exactly where we should be and getting to live our lives the way we thought we would — that not having one store doesn’t make that much of a difference. We are so abundantly blessed here that we can’t help but thank God for all His goodness to us…Trader Joe’s or no.

(ht: karin via fbook)