If you’re wondering if there’s a Good Friday sermon about to appear here any time soon, you’ll have to wait a while. We didn’t have a Good Friday sermon this year. I wrote my own service, and let’s just say that I now have an even greater respect for all the people, both famous and unremembered, who through the ages all combined their devotion and their piety to bequeath to us the gift of the liturgy. One person’s individual concoctions, no matter how piously meant, cannot compete with the dignity, the beauty, and the brilliant doctrinal purity of the liturgy as it’s been handed down to us. As they used to say in the US Navy (and for all I know still do), the liturgy was “designed by geniuses, so that it can safely be operated by idiots.” I am just one such idiot, and I am grateful at my Lord’s gracious choosing of me (of all people) to watch over His sheep in this place.