To help you focus your meditation on God’s Word, ask yourself the following questions:

1)     What does God teach me in this passage?

2)     What should I give thanks for in this passage?

3)     What sin, fault, or shortcoming should I confess, based on this passage?

4)     What am I led to pray about or for, based on this passage?

Alternately, you can think of it this way:

1)     See the instruction God is giving you in this passage.

2)     Rephrase this passage and turn it into thanksgiving.

3)     Rephrase this passage and turn it into a confession.

4)     Rephrase this passage and turn it into a prayer.

This is a very simple but powerful method for digging into Scripture. It’s adapted from advice that Martin Luther gave his barber when his barber asked for advice about how to pray. It’s flexible but easy to remember. Hopefully it helps you as you read Scripture for yourself. Let me know how it goes!